Click, Click, Tick Tock (open your eyes).

Click, click, click! Don’t mind me I’m just taking a picture of your face for my memories, they’re all I’ll have left when the angel with the hardest job is sent to do his bidding. I’m not framing it for your beauty shouldn’t have boundaries, I’m being selfish I know but my eyes brighten every time I get see you smile in your sleep, your hair all over the place, when you wake up you’ll rush to make yourself feel beautiful again, maybe you’ll see your reflection in my eyes in the eyes of a little boy with your face, you’ll then see the beauty that I saw when I looked at you.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tick… To.. whom does my time belong when it stops whenever I am around you? I have seen waterfalls form from flooded rivers of your tears. I have stood by, watching and learning, time will tick on, till your hair goes gold, formed from peace as we stand and look at our pride. Tick… Tock, the clock will on long after I’m gone, all I’ll be is a wonderful memory, a bitter one to some but to you, anywhere together was always home. The clocks look at their hands move around only to be together at the beginning and the end of a day and to remind you we’re halfway there.

Close your eyes. Stop for a minute, listen to nothing but feel everything, listen to your own heart, listen to the flow as the words travel from your heart to your brain and out of your mouth, what do you feel? “Where are you from?” You ask. I’m from a time when we used songs to explain the words that remained on our lips cause over time they start to sound corny or cheesy and yet some aren’t playing mice, most playing dogs, loyal to the one person that makes not seeing them feel like an eternity alone when they’ve only been gone for a few hours. I come from a place where you listen to your heart first and brain second sometimes never, every minute spent together completing a chapter of an unknown piece of poetry written by moments etched in our memories forever.

Listen, tick, tock, tick, tock… “What do you want?” What do I want? That’s simple… I want everything, I want the sun to shine when it’s raining outside, I want to feel warm when it’s cold outside, I want winter to feel like spring, I want music to have meaning as the instrumental plays while I write lyrics to your favorite songs, to swim in the puddles of your tears for they may look shallow on the surface when the meaning is deeper, I want to introduce you to yourself through the eyes of one who chooses to sit on rooftops, day dreaming about a reality we created on our own, so I’ll hold my piece and believe one day you’ll see you were my everything cause I’m still convinced my future looks like you.

You can open your eyes now…

Jason Mfula




… Echoes …

Oh here you are, I’ve been looking for you, I saw you in an unfamiliar place, a place I let no one go and yet I found you here, stepping into a place you knew nothing about. I drew your picture in the sky so I have a reason to look forward to touching the clouds as I leave everything childish behind.
I’m drawing a picture, a piece of me, a part of my story where you belong, here, as silent as a vacuum, but still, echoes of your heartbeat can be felt through the waves of your choice. The choice you made to step into this unfamiliar territory, this place, let me tell you about it.
The walls have paintings filled with stories lived and un-lived, look at them a little closely, do you understand the words painted on the floor, till you realize there was no floor and all I did was paint the sky with the one reflection every mirror desires to one day reflect and I bend light and refract the feelings beaming through my veins, giving my heart an unusual feeling, my eyes open and I’m staring at you and wondering how you came to the one place I hold sacred, I don’t know how you got here but you’re welcome to stay as long as you sit with me and watch the sun rise in the north and set in the south, nothing makes sense here except that it’s all is meant to be as it is.
So the birds swim and fish fly, that’s what happens when butterflies get humans, nothing is ever as it is when you meet someone who makes your mind go places, after all Love starts upstairs and never ends as long as a King sits on the throne that is your heart, I will stand by and watch the world crown you Queen. An angel heaven sent to protect a man. The clocks will tick on, the thrones in our hearts are only meant for one another…
Just listen to the echoes in the silence..
Jason Rain

To Lose..


I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m writing to you, I was just walking by and didn’t know it was night till I looked at the sky, I’ve been looking down for quite some time, forgive me I didn’t notice, I didn’t notice you did your nails today, I didn’t notice you did your hair yesterday, I didn’t notice you were wearing your favourite shoes, I didn’t notice you had your favourite dress on, I didn’t notice you had your favourite lipstick on, because I spent most of my time looking down, looking down at where I fell, fell into a place where my favourite time of the day is when I get to be alone with the one thing that makes me see me clearer than a mirror.
I fell hard, getting up was a choice I never thought of making but I did, I picked myself up and told myself to take a leap and see how close I’ll get to the sun without burning up. The sun in my sky doesn’t shine like anyone else’s, the sun in my sky lights a path for me to walk in the light of it’s grace, here the birds swim and fish fly, wilted roses grow petals from thorns and trees are ever green, here I learned to see a different version of me, I was good alone till I found a place that started to feel like I was better. I look down and see stars as they shine through the waves of the sea, here I see me clearer than any mirror.
Right here, where I see your smile light up a room, I listen and of course I hear, every word said my heart begins to cheer, simply because time stands still when you’re here, the world as big as it may be can never bring me to smile as wide, there’s words whispered in echoes of unheard songs, unspoken words, forgotten promises, unfulfilled potential, it’s here hearts and dreams go to die and wilt like roses as autumn starts to come around.
I fell hard, went off the deep end and drowned in a puddle of your tears. It’s my turn to fly, my turn to cry, my turn to show you, I was listening to you, I know you did your nails today, I know you did your hair yesterday, I know you were wearing your favourite shoes, I know you had your favourite dress on, I know you put your favourite lipstick on, cause one of my favourite things to do is mess it up cause I love watching you think it adds to the beauty that your heart already showed me long before… I whisper little I miss yous, just to see if the whispers will echo through to you, I know you see yourself clearer than any mirror when you see the diamond in my mind, to say you’ll be mine till the end of time and more, here a place where you don’t need a mirror to see yourself.. Till you look in the eyes of the ones that fear… Fear to…?
The answer to that question comes to you when you see the face of the person that came to your mind when you finally realised you never needed a mirror to see how great you are.
Jason Rain II


F. L.Y.

I have been to the moon and back many times before, it was here I watched the world and listened to stories, I am not superman and I am not God, I am here that’s all that matters sometimes, I get to hear stories in the cosmos, stories of broken stars that shoot across the sky like broken arrows from cupids bow. It was here and now that my heart learned something was missing, a voice lost in silence of misunderstanding, I miss faces that I’ll never see age with me, as their grey golden locks begin to rise and take over their youth, I don’t want that to happen to me without hearing the final song that was written when I said goodbye to being the single guy.
Life is full of mystery, full of strangers looking for peace in the eyes of strangers who are yet to become friends,strangers who had seen that even pain is real when it’s real and time is but a measurement of moments made to never to be forgotten. Men have fallen and women have risen, Men have fallen for women who have risen to being worthy of the ring. A ring to declare thy life to thee, a beautiful place where love shall be. It is here we learn to fly, above the stars right next to the moon. I stopped by just to remind myself what it’s like to sit here and listen to the worlds stories, I am not a God and I am not immortal, I’m here that’s all that matters.
It is here I watch the days end and watch days begin, simply through one spin, there’s no time here, just lots of space, I see no borders, I just hear heartbeats, there’s no need to look outside for peace when peace is found within, within the walls you build to keep the ones who chose to stay safe, a place where your heart feels like home, it is here.. Here the one place I chose to answer my own questions, questions about what’s next, what’s coming, where I’m going, it’s here I learned I was afraid to grow wings, but I got here without knowing how high I could fly.
I am not a God and I am not immortal, I’m here that’s all that matters.
It was here I remembered that I just need to learn to let go, I’m not God, I’m a part of him cause he made me in an image that reflects not by who or what I see in the mirror but by what I do, so I am defined by my own light that I never see because wings are given to angels who never knew how high they could fly.
Jason Rain II

Love is Easy (Maybe one day)

Love is Easy (Maybe one day)

We’ve written countless songs together, made by moments where everything was easy. Hand in hand, side by side, you let me lead but yet you stand beside me when things come against me and I stand in front of you because I am your shield, you stand behind me because you have my back. Maybe one day we’ll understand that time goes by faster than our heartbeats, maybe one day we’ll learn that being in love is easy but staying in love is what we make hard, but Love is easy.

I painted the sky for you last night, I filled it with pictures of you, pictures of how I see you, how I feel when you smile, how it hurts to see you cry, I painted a future on a star as I watched it shoot across my sky as I made a wish and said a little prayer for only me to know. As I whisper a message taken by the wind, as my brush floats across the canvas a vision of beauty that strikes the walls around my heart, tearing them down brick by brick. Loving me is easy, the pain I’ve been through just makes it hard, but Love is easy.

I’ve heard pieces of you fall, from fear of the unknown, we learn to use our hearts a lot less even when each piece loves as much as it did when it was whole. It’s easy to build a wall to keep everyone out cause everything eventually gets hard, but we just make it hard. So I’m going to stand outside for while, maybe one night you’ll look up and see your reflection in the paintings I painted every time I told myself to pick up the phone just to hear you say hello.

Do you see the cracks in the sky? Do you hear the broken rhymes? Did you find the lost pieces of poetry? Do hear the whispers in the wind of my voice silently hoping you’d hear the quiet I miss you. Look at the sky, listen to the wind, feel the rain, don’t just get wet.. Listen to the messages, listen to the poems. Come outside come see the paintings I’ve painted outside the wall I built, come see, look Love is easy, look at me, be easy with my heart…

Maybe one day we’ll understand Love is Easy and we just make it hard.

Jason Rain


The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

Listen to me, they will come for you! They came for your fathers fathers, they took my children from me.

Listen my child they took my jewels, they took the lessons I taught you, they took our fathers and sons, they took you from me, I think of you often, I imagine how you cried when you saw your brother lying next to you with fear in his eyes, sadness in his heart, a broken mind just a child… My child

My child I imagine the pain, it breaks my heart and I cry for you at every place the water falls, I have cried countless tears, they call it beautiful because they love to see the pain in my eyes, they see the anguish and call it the smoke that thunders, when all I feel is pain and then our father weeps for me, cause he can see this is not what I was meant to be.

My child, listen to me, look at the girls, the young ladies, the women, they need to be crowned in order to raise Kings. Do not give up my child, I will come for you and we will be one again, I wrote the scriptures you read on Sundays, the names are different cause I gave them different ones, you have riches the flesh can’t touch. We will not practice hate because we still believe in love. Do you understand my child?

The clock will tick on, give thanks for what you have right now for what I will give you is not for you but for the ones that cried, the ones that lost their way, the ones that watched their brothers lie in fear of the unknown. Your brothers, your sisters, your fathers mother, your mothers father and his father and his mother, they were taken from me, I will rise for them because they are the reason the world is as it is now, because they took my children and used our knowledge, so my child remember the curls in your hair they each have a place on head like the stars in the sky have a place in your imagination, like words a lot of things are made up. The truth is only clear to see when the Lion learns to write and they finally see that the hunter could never take down a Lion.

So listen my child..your brothers and sisters, are not recognized by who you see outside, they are recognized by the color of the rivers that flow inside, the home of your waterfall.
Unnecessary lines drawn on my face to separate you from your brothers and sisters, separated by water, filled with tears I have cried cause my children don’t see the rivers that flow inside them are the same color but instead they tear each other apart my children come home, you separate yourselves by twisting your minds my children I will come for you all like a Father must protect his home I will protect my children like a lioness protects her cubs.

Your last name is my first name, we have many names, some call me mother, some call me Home, some call me Wakanda.. but I am all of these things..

I am Africa and I am the Garden of Eden.

Jason Rain


Heaven (once upon a time)

Heaven (Once upon a time)

Once upon a time there was a man, this man had a dream, he dreamed he would fly on the wings of an angel looking for a heaven.

Once upon a time there was a girl, believing she’d meet an angel cause she was tired of dancing with devils, so she walked through life on her own looking for an angel to save her from hell and provide a heaven.

Once upon a time, the man came across a girl, the world at her fingertips, living life on the ground doing what others do but differently and it puzzled him, he saw the picture she painted on the walls of her as they shattered with every piece that hit the ground, as his words spoke truth and she slowly fell to her knees and prayed to God that she had met a King and not angel cause sometimes angels turn to devils and she can save the King from becoming a devil.

Once upon a time the angel saw a man, he was clearly broken, a shadow of his former self, a man looking for an angel, to help him heal when the time to dance to her song comes, she believed she met her match, but his heart belonged to a girl. Piece by piece he picked up the pieces of her heart and threw them in an ocean of her tears.

Once upon a time, a man met a girl with a guardian angel, hoping he had a guardian angel to keep him from turning into a devil, cause the world is the scariest place to live without love, and yet we’re all just looking for a home, a place where angels learn to fly, Princesses make Kings of men and men elevate their princesses to Queens, it’s here where we learn love is another form of Heaven.

Jason Rain II